Your Garden Supply Center in Sequim, WA

For the last 13 years, Earth CPR Supplies, LLC has provided those in the Sequim, WA, area with the best garden and farm supplies available. Our years of experience, knowledge, and love for the art of gardening and farming makes us the number one farm and garden retailer in the business.

Everything Green in One Place

We have a wide variety of garden supplies in stock at all times and extensive knowledge of each item we have for sale. At Earth CPR Supplies, we want to be more than just a store. We want to educate our customers to help them be better gardeners, farmers, and stewards of this beautiful world that we all share. 


Certifiably Organic, Certifiably the Best

Many gardeners have come to prefer organic options when growing their crops over the last few years as both a healthier food option and to have a better impact on the environment than contemporary growing methods. Our extensive stock of garden supplies includes a wide selection of products to make your organic garden the best on the block.


Specialty Products

We complement our garden supply stock with a range of specialty products for discerning farmers and gardeners. From liquid kelp and beneficial worms to landscape supplies and minerals for enriching soil, we have the specialty products you need. Ask us about our options to get a full list of all of the specialty services we offer.

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Earth CPR Supplies is dedicated to providing the best garden supplies for our customers, paired with our years of knowledge and experience that we pass on to anyone wanting to learn about garden and farm care. We’re outstanding in the field of farm and garden care so you can confidently stand in your field knowing it’s received the best care possible. Call us today to learn more.