Sequim’s Source for Every Garden Supply Under the Sun

There are many types of farmers out there, and Earth CPR Supplies in Sequim, WA, has the goods and the know-how to give each of them the best in service and garden supplies to suit their individual needs. From soil-enriching nutrients and minerals to liquid fertilizer and kelp, if we have it in stock, we know everything there is about how it can help your garden grow.

Nutrients & Minerals

Over-farming and poor access to natural nutrients can make it very difficult or even impossible to grow crops in soil. The nutrients and minerals we sell are a great way to bring a dead patch of soil back to life. Be sure to ask the staff at our farm and garden supply store how to keep your soil saturated with the proper nutrients and minerals.

Liquid Fertilizer

Some plants need a little pick-me-up to get their grow on. Our liquid fertilizers can be just the thing you need to get a garden up and running. Plants can be picky about their food, so let Earth CPR Supplies know what you’re growing, and we’ll let you know which of the liquid fertilizer options our garden supply store has in stock would be best for you and your plants.

Greenhouse Supplies

Greenhouses are a great way to keep a garden growing year-round, and we have plenty of supplies to help you get one started or keep one going. Compost, solutions to problem insects, beneficial worms, earth fort, and other products are all available at our garden supply store for the express purpose of making sure your garden, farm, and greenhouse projects are all resounding successes.


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Looking for Something Specific?

While we don’t sell green thumbs, we’ll help get yours the practice it needs to tackle anything when it comes to tending to our oxygen-producing friends. If there’s any farm supply or landscape supply product you’re unsure if we have in stock, call Earth CPR Supplies during our business hours and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.